German harpist Miriam Ruf is an international award-winning soloist, who has performed in halls across Europe and the United States.

A native of Günzburg, Germany, Miriam is currently pursuing her Master´s Degree at the Juilliard School in New York.

Miriam Ruf


Scholarship of the Theodor-Rogler-Stiftung

March 2021​

Miriam was awarded a scholarship by the Theodor-Rogler-Stiftung, which will support her during her studies at the Juilliard School in New York. 

The German Theodor-Rogler-Stiftung aims to support and promote young, outstanding musicians. Next to scholarships, its activities also include grants and awards for prize-winners of the ARD Music Competition. ​

Miriam Ruf, the soloist of the evening, did not owe anything to the work, she opened its treasury and enchanted the whole hall with masterful play. Big applause for the break.

Südwestpresse Ulm

Miriam Ruf seemed to be leading the orchestra, and the delicate naturalness of her fabulous playing was a delight. 

In the encore of the early romantic Louis Spohr, she once again used all the possibilities of her wonderful instrument to create a subtly designed playing.

Heidenheimer Zeitung

News: Winner of the Musikförderpreis Schwaben


October 2020

The district of Swabia has awarded Miriam Ruf the 2020 Music Prize. This award aims to promote important personalities from Swabian musical life.





"One of the prerequisites was that the artists have produced outstanding musical performances and that they were of national and international importance."

The jury, chaired by Prof. Eckhard Fischer, was unanimous in favor of the award:
"Miriam Ruf plays the harp at a very high artistic and technical level. The district of Swabia is funding this extraordinarily talented young artist's studies at the Juilliard School with 10,000 euros."

Musikförderpreis Schwaben

News: Person of the Week for Donau3FM


October 2020

The German radio station Donau3FM has named Miriam the "Swabian Person of the Week". Listen to the interview about her life and studies in New York below (in German). 

News: Feature in the Augsburger Allgemeine


October 2020

The German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine featured Miriam in an article about her musical journey and her studies at the Juilliard School.